Market Update: 07-20-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX, BRI, ESG), is about 25% invested in 14 growth stocks as of Sunday, July 19, 2020.  The market fell hard last Monday, so I did some buying in stocks that I felt offered lower-risk entries and by Friday I was pleased with the results.  Even though LIONX was 100% in Cash when the market dropped last Monday, I was still bullishly optimistic.  I just thought that the market was due for some corrective action, so I harvested some profits ahead of a potential steep sell-off which did occur on Monday.  It feels like the market takes the stairs up and the elevator down at times.  I like playing my cards close to my vest and I am more interested in keeping/harvesting gains versus missing out on opportunities.  We are now heavy into earnings season and it feels like a “chop zone” where stocks blast higher on favorable guidance and stocks with not so favorable earnings guidance gets chopped up and dies.  That is why I typically sell a stock before its earnings are released simply because of potential stock price gap downs after an earnings disappointment.  If a stock gaps up in price after an earnings release on above-average volume, I add it to my watch list and do further due diligence to see if it is a good fit for LIONX.  I am looking for stocks that continue to grow their earnings and sales in this government-mandated economic lock-down.  The cloud and software “work from home” theme stocks have taken a breather ahead of earnings, but I feel the true market leader “work from home” stocks will come back alive shortly because the economy is still stuck in the mud.  However, I am extremely optimistic that the economy will be firing on all cylinders right before the November election and Trump will be reelected along with Republican majorities in the House and Senate.  By the Grace of God, I believe He will keep His hand of blessings on America and we will continue to be the most prosperous and generous nation in the world.  If I am wrong, I will do my best to avoid life-changing losses for all LIONX shareholders.  (There is no guarantee that any investment will achieve its objectives, generate positive returns, or avoid losses.)

Good News!  Due to increased demand, LIONX is now available for purchase at Charles Schwab on their One Source No Transaction Fee (NTF) platform!  To all the new and old LIONX shareholders, Thank You for trusting me to manage your hard-earned assets and I promise to treat your investment like my very own.  LIONX is also available at Fidelity, TDA, TCA, Scottrade, Envestnet, Interactive Brokers, Pershing, and very soon Matrix.

More Good News! The Fed started expanding its balance sheet once again last week by $38 billion!  The Fed was reducing its balance sheet in the prior four weeks by about $248 billion so this upturn is a welcome surprise.  I believe the market has been treading water or stuck in a trading range since June 8th but now the pump may be primed enough for the market to break out and head higher.  I believe growth will continue to outperform value until the lockdowns are removed.  I believe the Truth will eventually expose the lies of fear and we will soon get back to some sense of a new normal because Truth always trumps evil.

Even More Good News!  I plan to host a “Chat with Dex” live Q&A webinar on Tuesday, July 28th at 3:15 Central (15 minutes after market close).  Please Email me,, if you want me to send you the invite details.  I am super excited to do this and I hope you can join us!       

Bottom line:  I believe we will break out of this trading range and head higher into November.  The Fed currently appears to have our back.  If things go as planned, I plan to increase exposure this week.  If I am wrong, I will do my best to minimize the draw-down risk by going back to Cash if needed.  Don’t forget to sign up for the “Chat with Dex” webinar.  Grace and Peace to everyone!  Peace is a Fruit of the Spirit, so please do not let anyone steal the Peace that Jesus died to give you. 

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.   Galatians 5:22

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