Market Update: 05-22-23

AI Gold Rush!    The Issachar Fund is now 100% invested in a high-yielding government money market fund! I sold our Gold ETF because it was not performing as expected. The dollar gained about 2.2% in the last ten trading days, and gold went in the opposite direction (negatively correlated) as many investors believe the Fed may raise rates on June 14th. Higher rates typically cause a country’s currency to appreciate as big money demand exchanges into higher-yielding currency. (There is no guarantee that any investment will achieve its objectives, generate positive returns, or avoid losses.)

Big money is still seemingly concentrated in a handful of big tech companies that seem to be embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI)! It looks like the Generals (big tech influencers) are headed up the hill, and the troops are still at camp drinking coffee. As more companies use AI, more people will most likely be replaced, which could lead to higher sales and earnings, translating into higher stock prices. AI could be a game changer like the Model T to the horse and buggy era, so we should learn to adapt, or risk being left behind. This new AI meme theme reminds me of the late 1990s dot-com bubble/bust, so maybe AI is ready to pop and drop. My buy list is loaded with AI-related companies, but most are extended in price and due for some corrective action, so I wait patiently. The major indexes are still down double digits since 12/31/21, but I am optimistic and plan to capitalize on the opportunities ahead.

The Fed decreased its balance sheet by about $46 billion last week! My biggest concerns are sticky inflation, an inverted yield curve/recession, an unfriendly FED, and tightening credit conditions! Monetary changes are typically the determining factor for sizeable uptrends/downtrends. Regional banks still have some issues left to contend with, as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warns bank CEOs that more mergers in the sector may be necessary to maintain stability, i.e., potentially more bank failures. The threat of a US debt default is keeping the market nervous. I pray that saner minds prevail and the budget is balanced without another increased debt ceiling.

Bottom Line: We are in cash, but my eyes are on stocks that may benefit from AI. While AI is transformational tech, so was the internet, and the present over-promising hype may exceed reality. AI could be the new dot com gold rush. However, I do not like how evil minds could be exploiting AI, but I believe God will shine His light on the darkness, and good will overcome evil. Grace & Peace!

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