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Directly from Dexter Lyons, Portfolio Manager

Market Update: 08-08-22

The Issachar Fund is about 23% invested in fundamentally and technically sound stocks in the top sectors. The over-bought S&P 500 index is up over 13% since the 6/16/22 bottom; looking for an excuse to correct, but it has not found one yet. The employment report came out Friday better than expected, with more jobs … Market Update: 08-08-22 Read More »

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Market update: 08-01-22

The Issachar Fund is sitting patiently in Cash, waiting for lower-risk opportunities. The S&P 500 index dropped nearly -12% from 6/7/22 to 6/16/22 (7 days), then rallied about 12% (29 days) into the 4,177-congestion area of resistance on Friday. The NASDAQ 100 rallied past tight double-top congestion areas on below-average volume, so I expect these … Market update: 08-01-22 Read More »

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Market Update: 07-25-22

Rolling Over!   The Issachar Fund has remained in Cash since June 9th, 2022! Issachar has been in Cash about 70% of the time this year. That is not the norm, but we are in a bear market (down -20%), and it could get worse in the next 3rd and final wave of selling. The indexes … Market Update: 07-25-22 Read More »

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Market Update: 07-18-22

The Issachar Fund sits patiently in Cash (100%)! The NASDAQ 100 hit resistance and then bounced lower, testing the 50-DMA line of resistance again. I did not see any fundamental changes last week other than the CPI and PPI confirming that inflation is still hot, and the Fed still plans to raise rates. Fed Fund … Market Update: 07-18-22 Read More »

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Market Update: 07-11-22

The Issachar Fund sits patiently in Cash (100%)! My perception of risk is still high as NASDAQ 100 has rallied into its 50-DMA line of resistance on light volume. Nothing has changed, nor do I see it changing, so I expect the market to drift sideways to down in this trendless market. Anything can happen, … Market Update: 07-11-22 Read More »

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Market Update: 07-05-22

Issachar Fund Q2 Fact Sheet Update The Issachar Fund remains in Cash (100%)! The S&P 500 is down about -20%, and the NASDAQ 100 is down about -30% YTD, so Cash has been a good place to hide. The Atlanta Fed lowered its GDP forecast for Q2 to a minus 2.1% which would officially put … Market Update: 07-05-22 Read More »

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Market Update: 06-27-22

The Issachar Fund is 100% in Cash! However, Investor’s Business Day (IBD) has declared Friday a Follow Through Day (FTD). IBD states that every bull market in the last 100 years has started with an FTD, but not every FTD has led to a bull market. An FTD is a 1% index gain on greater … Market Update: 06-27-22 Read More »

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Market Update: 06-21-22

Protection Mode!  The Issachar Fund is 100% in Cash! The S&P 500 is down over -22%, and junk bonds are down over -13% YTD, and I believe we are headed for a recession defined by two consecutive quarters of negative GDP. The Federal Reserve raised rates 75bps to fight inflation but increased its balance sheet … Market Update: 06-21-22 Read More »

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Market Update: 06-13-22

Back on Defense!  The Issachar Fund is 100% in Cash! My line in the sand was crossed Thursday as leading stocks hit sell triggers, so I went to a Cash position. The market may be anticipating that inflation has not peaked as previously assumed, and the higher CPI number on Friday would reveal more inflation … Market Update: 06-13-22 Read More »

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Market Update: 06-06-22

Energy is Hot!  The Issachar Fund is still about 40% invested in energy, agriculture, retail, transportation, and utility stocks! We hold many energy-related stocks that have worked well while other sectors are experiencing heavy selling pressure/distribution. Biden has not changed his “anti-fossil fuel” position to increase oil production in the US, so I expect oil … Market Update: 06-06-22 Read More »

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