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“The Sons of Issachar were known for their understanding of the times...

1 Chronicles 12:32

Market Update: 07-06-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX, BRI, ESG), is about 60% invested in 29 growth stocks as of Sunday, July 5, 2020!  (Click here to Listen to this Blog) (Click here for the LIONX 2nd Qtr. Fact Sheet) I am getting more concerned as to why...

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Market Update: 06-29-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX), is about 25% invested in 27 growth stocks as of Sunday, June 28th!  (Listen to this Blog) I took some profits last week and purchased some new growth stocks, but LIONX is only about 25% invested as my conviction level...

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Market Update: 06-22-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX), is about 40% invested in 25 growth stocks as of 6/21/20!  (Listen to this Blog) I sold stocks last week that I felt was a little overextended in price.  I seek to purchase stocks with sound fundamental and technical chart...

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Market Update: 06-15-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX), is about 90% invested in 48 growth stocks as of 6/14/20!  (Listen to this Blog) Tech stocks hit an all-time high last Wednesday then dropped about 5% on Thursday on above-average volume then finished Friday with a small 0.80% bounce...

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Market Update: 06-08-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX), is about 75% invested in 38 growth stocks as of 6/7/20!  (Listen to this Blog) The jobs report came out last Friday and surprised the market with more jobs created than expected.  The market was expecting more people to be...

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Market Update: 06-01-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX), is about 65% invested in 40 growth stocks as of 5/31/20!  (Listen to this Blog) The market rallied into the close on Friday as portfolio managers did some month-end “window dressing” by buying stocks with big gains.  I locked in...

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Market Update: 05-26-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX), is about 81% invested in 48 growth stocks as of 5/25/20!  (Listen to this Blog) I went “shopping” last week and found many stock leaders with sound fundamentals exhibiting attractive technical chart patterns appearing to be under accumulation.  I believe...

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Market Update: 05-18-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX), is about 31% invested in 13 growth stocks as of 5/17/20!  (Listen to this Blog) I have been actively managing risk by locking in some recent stock gains and buying new stocks as I seek lower-risk entry points.  My preference...

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Market Update: 05-11-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX), is about 80% invested in 34 growth stocks as of 5/10/20!  I have been “trimming” my “slow runners” and trying to trade up to faster horses as the stock market “melts” higher on light volume.  The market seemed ready for...

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Market Update: 05-04-20

The Issachar Fund (LIONX), is about 90% invested in 41 growth stocks as of 5/03/20. The largest LIONX stock theme weighting leans towards the “cloud” (internet) and “work from home” (teleconferencing) areas of the market.  These stocks have been the recent leaders and that...

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