A Liquid Mutual Fund,
Managed Like A Hedge Fund.

“The Sons of Issachar were known for their understanding of the times...

1 Chronicles 12:32

Update: 02-26-24

Data is New Gold!   Issachar Update: We are nearly fully invested in growth stocks with great fundamentals exhibiting technical chart...

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Update: 02-20-24

Higher for Longer!    Issachar Update: Cyber security and software theme stocks are our heaviest weightings as they continue to...

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Update: 02-12-24

Issachar Update: Growth stocks with accelerating earnings and sales are in favor, and they dominate our portfolio! Artificial Intelligence (AI)...

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Update: 02-05-24

Earnings & Guidance!   Issachar Update: I purchased more growth stocks last week as earnings and guidance continue to come in...

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